5th Anniversary – Meet Our life long friends

Our tradition and culture every 5th, 10th, 20th or 25th year holds a certain; special meaning on what we do that represents the glamour, beauty, durability and flexibility needed to sustain a loving union.This year September 2019 becomes half a decade of our union. For those who attended this special occasion as we celebrate and sat down together as a family to receive our anniversary gifts for each year, we say thank you.

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5th Anniversary Editor’s Letter

Here we are again, the pageant that we have come to appreciate and love, celebrating the unique and alluring beauty of the African woman.

As in previous years it has taken the hard work of many talented people to bring this extravaganza together. Miss Adanma pageant grows each year and I am delighted that this year our magazine has a lovely new feature with a special section written by children. It is with passion and excitment that we produce the pageant; your comments and suggestions whether by feed back form or verbally spur us on to improve the next production.

It is my pleasure on the glitterati pages, to take you through a pictorial journey over the last 5 years of Adanma. This year we have taken a trip back in time to look at the congratulatory messages from our inagural pageant in 2015.

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