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“I think Adanma is a fantastic concept. It is a masterpiece in bringing young people together and it helps the younger generation to appreciate the importance of keeping the Igbo traditions alive. Being a judge and watching the young people develop in confidence as they wear their traditional costumes and do their best to speak in their traditional language and dialect gives me a sense of pride and hope for the future. I would encourage all parents to get their children involved as contestants or spectators. “

Dr Dennis Iheukor

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“There are so many beautiful Igbo women, but because of our repressed culture we do not talk about it, and so do not celebrate them. Miss Adanma has changed all this in such a refreshing way.This is an important event which I hope you will keep up and expand not only in the UK but in time throughout the whole world.”
Chief Emmanual Osuchukwu
“In the diaspora many of our beautiful children have no idea of what our culture is all about. With the training that the children receive in Miss Adanma they get to learn about the Igbo language. They learn the ancient traditions of respect for family. Also the parents minds are refreshed in the awareness of their precious cultural heritage I think Miss Adanma is a great success.”
Mazi Chima Maduekeh
“As a supporter of the Miss Adanma project from its inception I am indebted to the organiser – Ruffina Adimora for promoting and preserving our wonderful Igbo culture and I am very happy to do what I can in my small way to ensure the success of Miss Adanma not only in the UK and Nigeria but around the world.”
Nze Sympathy Nwosu

Chioma Candy Nwosu (former adjudicator and judge in the Miss Adanma Pageant)
“I am a great believer in the concept of maintaining our indigenous culture and in promoting it around the world. Miss Adanma has brought together young people in search of their cultural roots even though they may be unaware of their search at the time. The world has evolved and our children have been sidetracked. Miss Adanma is about empowering our children and re-enforcing our culture in our children.”

Mrs Nwosu (Lolo Osodieme 1)

Adjudicator, United Kingdom

I just wanted to share my opinion about Miss Adanma pageant and let you know that they are really doing good job. I’m glad to be in there mist. It’s really great.

Chief Mrs Juliet Nwosu

An Educationist, United Kingdom

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