Miss Adanma pageant have today become a huge family and we always take care of those within and outside

Lack of Focus

At Miss Adanma we would like all the contestants to be focused in allthe process that leads to our successful events. We take exceptional to ensure it.

Stressed Out

When you are streessed working as a contestant the signs are so visible, may be you are overloaded with projects and hard work, help is given.


Every body knows human body is not made of rock. Some times we do break down in life. We find it in our heart to engage with all the contestants for good understanding.





The gray areas you should know about


How much do miss adanma pageant winners get paid ?

This information is provided in our miss adanma bulletin. A lifelong friendship with Miss Adanma, scholarship pending offers at the time and benefits such as traveling, It does change from time to time

How much does Miss Adanma pageants cost during enrollment ?

Becoming a miss adanma pageant does not cost that much, You pay a registration and also identification card fee, depending the location (ie) the country where we are going to host miss adanma event.

What do Miss adanma pageant judges look for within the contestants?

A non bikini dressing is a priority pass

A Miss Adanma beauty pageant or beauty contest is a competition that has traditionally focused on judging and ranking the physical attributes of the contestants, although most contests have evolved to also incorporate good personality behavior, intelligence, talent, how best they are able to serve communities and answers to judges’ questions as judged criteria.

What are the criteria for judging Miss Adanma beauty pageant ?

Contestants will be judged based on their intelligence, sincerity, honesty and good diction.

  • Beauty.
  • Poise.
  • Stage Presence.
  • Overall Appearance.
  • Casual Wear.
  • maturity level
  • Formal Wear

What qualities should a miss adanma pageant queen possess ?

  • Firstly it is important to know the traits of a winning personality in pageants are.
  • Confidence.
  • Self-love.
  • Humble & Polite.
  • Down to earth and social.
  • Grateful and positive-minded.
  • Nice presence.
  • Patience and Easy going attitude.
  • Good body language.

Can you compete in Miss Adanma twice ?

Yes, Contestants may compete more than once, but only once per year. It does not matter which country you have enroll to participate in our event.

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