With your support and blessings

We do not believe Mission are impossible

We are destined to serve our community and unified in our humanity . We are developing the ability to seamlessly create a platform of openness between (us) “Miss Adanma” and the rest of the world. This type of openness will creates trust and leads to a successful change to all the poor, widows, orphans and the most deprived people in Africa. Our decisions have been made clear. Please join us to make our dreams come true.

The potential for growth with Miss Adanma organisation is a unified commitment in what we do best.

Miss Adanma power of optimism

Miss Adanma concept is to project a positive image of Africa to our girls and the rest of the world. We are building the best brand to use the will of the people to eradicate poverty in Africa.

See all our weekly editorial column on how Miss Adanma is making an impact on young lives. Bold thinking for positive change

Miss Adanma For Humanity & Inclusion.

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