In todays world:- School of pageantry have become a big industry. Miss Adanma provides social etiquette, stage choreography, dance routines, conduct rehearsals and provide crash course pageant training, as well as coordinate backstage timings that is designed to standard.

Focusing on interviews and catwalk

Use our formula and technique in order to refine and perfect your way to the industry. Miss Adanma styling is vital and important in order to prepare for competitions both nationally and internationally to make sure you bring your skills up to date.

We teach our pageants how to engage with audience to ensure they always get things right

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What makes Miss Adanma beauty pageant different from other beauty pageant

Our Strong Points

Miss Adanma Beauty Pageants are beneficial to society because they supply contestants with necessities such as communication and confidence, we foster goals and teach discipline. Given you all the tools and technics you need to grow in life. Gaing through the experience of a beauty pageant can help you to go for other things you want and help push you forward.

Pageant Grooming
Stage Choreography
Dance Routines
Backstage Timings
Conduct Rehearsals

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