We will back you up with all the materials you need

The conveyor belt that drives our concept is resources. We have the experience, materials, staff, and other assets required to run the business and that's why we have been able to provide all the information needed.

Theodora Ibekwe – Oyebade

Theodora, our Nollywood actress gets you prepared with extensive knowledge on how to use resources. She will show you the “INS and Out”, this includes the traditional and conventional dance routines. All that contained in our resource portfolio. Above all, the interview protocols and process.

Miracle Ella Pat T

Miracle, a creative young talented woman who joined Miss Adanma since our first production, coordinates all the choreographic materials. Her valuable input and extensive knowledge ensures a high level of continuity in the design sequences within her department ensuring and maintaining the best production of the pageant.

Meet some of our top consultants

Lolo Mrs Asoluka (Nwanyi Chigoziri one of Imo)

Lolo Mrs Osuchukwu- (The special one)

Honourable Sam Asoluka - (The Ambassador Uk)

The Honourable Osuchukwu- (Adviser)

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