The Life of a pageant

Are You committed

There are questions to be ask always for those in the business and to those who wants to join.
The life of a pageant is about discipline challenge. Do you get excited about starting or beginning of something. I was still committed to doing it, but it was no longer fun. I’d probably be much more motivated because i want to excel and succeed in life. What my mind does when I commit to hard work can be very daunting. Overall, you need to be focused and consistent.



It’s interesting because sometimes you want to give up and forget about it, but the motivation is the key.
I really do love most of the things I’ve challenged myself to do. Most of them are what I’d like myself to do when I’m in my most open, wise state of mind — which is when you want to decide these things, not when you’re facing the discomfort. Read More!!!

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